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Welcome to the Eco Future Lighting Calculator. This calculator gives you the chance to see how much money you could save on your energy bills by switching over to LED lights.

Simply select the wattage of the incandescent bulb that you would normally use and then select the price bracket (Residential/Commercial). You can then select how many bulbs you would like to calculate, how many hours of usage you would normally use the selected bulbs for and if you really want to see how much you can save on a long term basis you can select the amount of years that you wish to calculate your savings over.

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Annual cost per bulb***

Total cost**



£ {{inc_cost}}

£ {{inc_total}}



Annual cost per bulb***

Total cost**

Total saving*


£ {{led_cost}}

£ {{led_total}}

£ {{inc_total - led_total | number:2}}


Select your required
bulb wattage


Residential: 12
Commercial: 14


Enter the amount of bulbs you wish to calculate for


Enter the amount of hours per day of usage


Enter the amount of years you wish to calculate for

All prices are based as an average, calculated prices were correct at time of recent edit.

Cost*** - The annual running cost of the individual light bulb based on the the Lumens, kWh and amount of running hours selected.

Total** - The running cost of the total amount of light bulbs selected based on the Lumens, kWh, running hours and years selected.

Saving* - The overall saving that can be made using the selected light bulb against an average Incandescent bulb based on the Total** values selected.

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